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Oglach Andrew 'Andy' O'Sullivan
Died 22 November 1923

Óglach Andy O'Sullivan, A native of Virginia, Co Cavan, he came to Mallow in 1915 to take up a post as an Agricultural instructor after finishing his studies at the College of Science and Agricultural. 


It was at this time he became involved with the Republican Movement in Mallow. His ideal was a Socialist Irish Republic and he worked relentlessly to achieve that.In the aftermath of the Civil War in 1923 Andy Sullivan was arrested by Free State Officers and sent to Mountjoy Jail. The free state had no evidence against him. He has been arrested on suspicion only and was refused freedom unless he signed a humiliating paper of submission. He declined.


He went on Hunger Strike and after 40 days he died on the 22nd of November 1923. Captain Andy O'Sullivan was the first to be buried at the Republican Plot at St Gobnaiths Cemetery in Mallow.

Sullivan, Capt Andrew portrait c1900s fr
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