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Oglach Michael Gaughan

Died June 3rd 1974

Michael Gaughan was born in Ballina in 1941. After moving to England for work he joined the ranks of the IRA. He was arrested and charged with an armed raid on a London bank in 1971 for which he received a sentence of seven years.

Michael joined the hunger strike started by fellow Republican POWs for political status and repatriation to a prison in Ireland. He was moved to Pankhurst prison where he and the other protesting prisoners were brutally force-fed by the prison screws.

On the 2nd June whilst being tortured, one of the forced-feeding tubes punctured Michael's which sadly led to his death the following day. This barbaric was a cornerstone to the abandoning of this type of forced-feeding by the British authorities.

Oglach Michael Gaughan

Died 3rd June 1974, age 24 years.

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